• EU Court Overturns €1.06 Billion Fine Against Intel – Last Minute Business News

    The EU court, located within the structure of the European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, based in Luxembourg, ruled on Intel’s claim against the fine imposed by the EU Commission. The court ruled that the Commission’s decision, which fined Intel €1.06 billion, was overturned. The decision found that the Commission’s review of the […]

  • New Structures Discovered in the Ancient City of Machu Picchu, Peru – Last Minute Technology News

    Archaeologists have found a stone altar, 14 baths and a system of water channels hidden deep in the forest on the edge of the Chachabamba parade square, just 8 kilometers from central Machu Picchu, NBC reported. The leader of the research team, Dominika Sieczkowska from the University of Warsaw, said in a statement about the […]

  • NASA’s James Webb Statement: Get to the Site – Breaking News

    A total of 5 layers of sun protection were opened one after the other within two days. The layers work together to provide an SPF (sun protection factor) of 1 million. In search of extraterrestrial life James Webb has two primary science missions that will account for more than 50 percent of his observing time.