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Apple introduces MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, M1 Pro, M1 Max and polishing cloth

The US technology giant Apple has presented its new products. The introduced products include Macbook Pro, AirPods 3, M1 Pro, M1 Max, HomePod mini, Apple Music Voice Plan. Apple also released a polishing cloth, the price of which is controversial.

Apple, one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, showcased its new products after September with an event called Unleashed. Products that are not sold in Turkey were also included in the campaign. Here are the products that were each introduced by Apple.
The new version of the HomePod Mini, which Apple offers in different colors, was presented. The product is not sold in Turkey. The device that can connect to Siri has an intercom system so that it is possible to communicate with the device.
The speaker will go on sale in November for $ 99.
Apple also introduced the 3rd generation AirPods at the event. Apple introduced the second generation of the device in 2019. The new generation Airpods 3 offer 1 hour of listening time on a 5-minute charge. In total, the listening time increases to six hours. With its wireless charging box, it has 30 hours of listening time.
The spatial sound technology that Apple tries to highlight again and again can also be found in AirPods 3. The price for the device in Turkey is 1,999 TL. The product will go on sale on October 26th.
The strangest device at Apple’s event in September was the new generation iPhone 13 family. The strangest device from yesterday’s event was the MacBook Pro. The new generation MacBook Pro was presented in two different versions, 14 and 16 inches.
Apple has removed the Touch Bar from the new MacBook Pros. Function keys are used instead. The device has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. The price of devices in Turkey starts from 23 thousand 499 TL for the 14-inch model and 28 thousand 999 TL for the 16-inch model. The price of the 14-inch version in Turkey is 72 thousand 198 TL with all the high-end hardware and software, and the 16-inch version is 74 thousand 398 TL.
Apple also introduced two new processors called the M1 Pro and M1 Max. These processors are used in new computers. Apple’s new music plan costs $ 4.99 but is not available in Turkey.
Apple did not officially unveil the polishing cloth at the event. However, the cloth was offered for sale after the action.
The following statements were made for the application of the cloth on the Apple Turkey website: Polishing cloth, which is made of non-abrasive, soft material, safely and effectively cleans all Apple screens, including nano-textured glass. The price of the polishing cloth in Turkey was 199 TL.
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