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China tests the world’s most powerful solid rocket engine – Breaking News

China has announced that it will test the world’s most powerful solid rocket propulsion system.

The China Aerospace and Aeronautical Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) statement reported that the rocket engine reached 500 tons of thrust during the ground test in Xi’an City, Shansi Province.

The statement said the 3.5-meter engine produces four times more power than the liquid-fuel rocket engine that fires the Long March 5, the largest launcher currently in use in the Chinese space program and the best in the world this area.

It was found that composite materials with high-strength fibers were used to reduce the weight and size of the rocket engine, and some new technologies were used in the exhaust and combustion chambers to increase thrust.

It has been reported that the version of the engine that can produce 1000 tons of thrust is also in development.

Solid-state missiles, which can be quickly transported from one location to another and have the ability to fire instantly, are widely used in military platforms. Liquid-fuel rocket detonators are preferred in space programs because they provide more effective propulsion, but preparation for launch takes a long time.

It is expected that advances in solid rocket launch technology could open up new avenues for satellite launches and manned space missions.

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