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Orhan Pamuk quote and a Turkish proverb in NASA’s spacecraft

Plates with meaningful messages about humanity and life were affixed to Lucy, the space probe that NASA sent to Jupiter. The quotes contain a quote from a book by Orhan Pamuk and a Turkish proverb.

The quote from Orhan Pamuk’s Black Book reads: “We want to love more, laugh more, think more. We want to see more, understand more, trust more. All that remains of us now are these wishes and these words. There was peace, dreams, sleep and kisses. There were people, fruits, paper, and pens too. Because nothing can be as great as life. Except for the text. Yes, of course, except for the one letter of comfort. ”

The plate also contained the English translation of the Turkish proverb: “They struck the tree with an ax and said: ‘The handle is mine’.”

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