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Tesco has also opened a safe-free market

The British grocery chain Tesco has started to operate cashless at its retailer in central London. Amazon started a similar initiative in the US 3 years ago.

In this store, customers can complete their purchase by buying what they want without having to scan the products or go to the checkout.
The system called GetGo (AlGit) is similar to the cashless stores of the US e-commerce giant Amazon.
Tesco’s technology infrastructure is provided by the Israeli technology startup Trigo, which has various partnerships in Germany and the Netherlands.
At the time of the cashless shopping tests that Amazon started in Seattle, USA in 2018, the American company reached 3 similarly functioning stores in London.
This technology is based on camera systems with artificial intelligence and weight sensors on the shelves.
Amazon has moved its US contactless stores to London. There are 3 Amazon markets in the capital of England.
Tesco sales rose 5.9 percent year over year to £ 30.4 billion in the first six months. On the flip side, operating costs rose 28 percent to exceed £ 1.3 billion due to the added cost of Covid-19.
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