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Apple Said Security Update: It worked more for Apple than it did for the user

Apple has limited access to personal information through advertisers in the App Store. While Facebook and Google’s share of ads in the App Store shrank, Apple’s market share doubled.

The smart technology manufacturer Apple is known for its closed systems. It is very difficult to interact with iPhone, iPad, and other company’s devices through third parties. This is because, unlike its competitors, Apple uses its own operating system.

The fact that Apple has both the device and the iOS operating system undoubtedly strengthens its hand. However, until the beginning of this year, Google and Facebook had an impact on app ads in the App Store.

Apple has restricted the use of personal information in app recommendation ads in the App Store. The company defended this step with a confidentiality thesis. However, according to a report in the Financial Times, there is a huge income behind this privacy move.

Advertisers who couldn’t get enough information from Google and Facebook started turning their budget to Apple. This increased the targeted advertising revenue from Apple’s AppStore.

According to an analysis, Apple’s market share before the data protection update was 17 percent. With the interruption of the flow of data to Google and Facebook, this market share rose to 58 percent in around six months.

Advertisers said they could access more data through Apple’s own advertising platform. In a statement by Apple to the newspaper, it said that the company’s purpose is not to benefit itself, but to protect users.

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