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Improved self-healing phone screen

Scientists have developed a polymer that will save millions of people time and money. According to researchers, phone screens will repair themselves thanks to this technology. Broken and broken screens are a nightmare for many users.

Smartphones and other smart devices have conquered every aspect of our lives for the past 10 years.
Billions of smart devices are used worldwide.
The biggest nightmare for many users is that the screens are cracked or broken. Sometimes the services charge the screens for the screens that are equivalent to the device money.
Two researchers from Concordia University in Canada have developed a method that could solve this problem.
As a result of their work, the duo developed a self-repairing phone screen.
In other words, the cracks that appear on the phone start to close on their own after a while.
This means that screen swapping could be a thing of the past in the near future.
“We focused on ensuring that the scratches would heal completely at room temperature,” says Twinkal Patel from the research team.
It has been suggested that the polymer technology developed may extend the life of batteries in the future.
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