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Remote work in R&D design centers and technoparks extended until the end of 2022 – Last Minute Technology News

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank pointed out in his speech at the Women in Innovation 6 awards ceremony. He stated that they moved from busy work to work with the intensity of the mind and thought.

Stressing that the dependence on space and time has gone thanks to digitization, Varank stated that all of this has brought men and women to the same point at the start.

Noting that stronger steps should be taken on women’s business participation for sustainable development, Minister Varank stated that one of her goals for 2023 is to increase women’s business participation to 41 percent.

Varank indicated that this goal should not be interpreted as just increasing the number of women in employment, Varank said:

“Actually, we want to involve women more in decision-making mechanisms and key positions. To do this, we want to share the dream of as many women entrepreneurs as possible. You see, women entrepreneurs are set to double that amount in 2019 to 43 million in venture capital investments in 2020 alone. You were successful. “

Minister Varank stated that they are always with KOSGEB and women entrepreneurs and that they have updated the application to support new entrepreneurs as part of the needs identified in 2019.

Varank stated that they have increased the incentives for entrepreneurs to make the most of their potential with the Traditional Entrepreneur and Advanced Entrepreneur Programs of the entrepreneurship training KOSGEB conducts on nearly 1 million people are women. We are very happy. Not only through KOSGEB, but also through our development agencies, have allocated 101 million liras for projects to develop women’s entrepreneurship. “The sentences used.

Minister Varank stressed that technoparks also offer important opportunities for women’s employment development, said Minister Varank:

“Today almost 20,000 women work in technoparks. The majority of them are R&D personnel. Of course, I want to announce some important good news that the industry expects from here; you know, especially after the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, active worldwide. Both the distance required by the pandemic and the rapid development of digital technologies accelerated remote working processes. This need and change was much more pronounced in technology-oriented companies.

From the first day of the pandemic, we as a ministry acted very quickly in this regard. In order to protect the health of our employees and to enable our companies to continue their R&D processes, we have introduced regulations that pave the way for remote work. These regulations expired this month. The continuation of these regulations was intensely demanded by the industry. In the face of these demands and the course of the world in this area, our Mr President has made an important decision. By the decision of our President, 50 percent of the staff who work in R&D design centers and technoparks will be able to work remotely by the end of 2022. Remote work time is assessed using incentives and exemptions. I wish this regulation the best of luck for the entire industry. And let’s get to our Women in Innovation project, which brings us together today, in which KADEM, TÜBİTAK Marmara Teknokent, KOSGEB, Informatics Valley, TOBB ETÜ and TUBITAK TÜSSİDE are among its stakeholders: We like to talk with actions, not with actions. ”

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