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Charles Darwin’s microscope at auction: expected to be sold at a record price

A microscope by Charles Darwin, a British naturalist and founder of the theory of evolution, is being auctioned in London, England. The microscope is expected to sell for between $ 343,000 and $ 480,000.

A microscope that the famous British biologist and natural historian Charles Darwin gave his son as a present will find its owner at an auction on December 15th.
At Christie’s auction house in London, the price of the microscope is expected to find buyers up to $ 480,000, or approximately 4.5 million lira.
It is stated that the microscope was designed in 1825 and is one of Darwin’s 6 surviving microscopes.
On the other hand, Charles Darwin gave the microscope to his son Leonard and it has been in the Darwin family for nearly 200 years.
It is known that the English biologist used this microscope to study organisms called zoophytes.
On the other hand, the work that Darwin made famous around the world was The Origin of Species, published in 1859.
The theory of evolution advocated in the book has had a huge impact around the world and is still being debated.
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