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National augmented reality glasses are developed – Last Minute Technology News

ASELSAN companies BITES and ASELSAN SİVAS signed the protocol for the development of national augmented reality glasses at the International Future Military Conference organized by Defense Turkey Magazine.

As part of the accompanying work on the “Military of the Future” concept, a “prototype of intelligent augmented reality glasses” for the needs of the security forces on the battlefield is to be jointly developed.

In the first phase of the project, glasses that can work with external sensors and cameras, have a wide angle (FoV), support 5G – LTE – WLAN, are suitable for environmental conditions and can be used in military operations should be developed.

BITES will take over the development of augmented reality software and ASELSAN SİVAS will take on optical, electronic and optomechanical design and production tasks. The development activities of the two companies are carried out in the light of their skills and experience through the joint system engineering course.

The first goal will be to eliminate the dependency on these products for the work to be carried out from abroad and to develop a prototype product that meets the operational needs of the security forces. BİTES and ASELSAN SİVAS, aiming to give security forces an edge by producing wearable technology, will continue their advanced studies to compete in the world market in the next stages.

Augmented reality glasses are expected to be more widely used in various industries to ensure safety and improve efficiency, and significant growth is expected in this market. The use of these products has recently spread to a number of areas such as automotive, health, and defense.

Wearable technologies have become essential tools for detecting threats and developing tactics against them on the battlefields of the future. Thanks to the communication infrastructures developed by the wearable sensors and data glasses of the units involved in the operation, an immediate exchange of information with friendly units and command centers is possible.

With data glasses for the security forces, information such as the map of the battlefield, location and health data of other units, information transmitted by the command center and threat elements in the direction can be called up. Information that helps security personnel to make decisions within seconds can be presented with data glasses without impairing the perspective.

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