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South Korea launches indigenous Nuri satellite

South Korea, one of the countries hoping to go to the moon, sent a rocket developed with domestic facilities into space for the first time. Named Nuri, the missile was launched at a time of heightened tension with North Korea. The Seoul government plans to send four more Nuri into space by 2027.

Another country has joined the space race. South Korea, an East Asian country, launched its satellite, which it developed with domestic facilities.
The full name of the satellite launched from Goeung, 500 kilometers from the capital, Seoul, is Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle 2.
However, the short name of the satellite developed by South Korea with its own resources is Nuri.
In Korean, Nuri means “world” in Turkish.
Tensions have risen again recently between South Korea and North Korea. Both countries have tested their new weapons.
Amid these tensions, the Seoul government sent the 1.5-ton satellite into space. The satellite cost $ 1.7 billion (approximately 16 billion Turkish lira).
South Korea has so far sent seven satellites into space.
The launch took place with a six-engine 47.2-meter rocket.
South Korea plans to put four more Nouris into orbit by 2027.
The Seoul government made two unsuccessful attempts in 2009 and 2010.
South Korea’s goal is to send a vehicle to the moon by 2030.
The start caused a lot of excitement in South Korea.
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