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Facebook Will Protect Celebrities More Strongly – Breaking News

The US-based Facebook company announced that it would expand its harassment policy to remove harmful content.

A more detailed harassment policy will ban content that degrades or sexualizes public figures, including celebrities, elected officials and others in public, the company said in a statement.

“We don’t allow bullying or harassment on our platform, but when it does, we take action,” said Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of security. called.

On the other hand, the changes will also offer anti-government opponents, journalists and human rights activists more protection from harassment around the world.

Facebook also announced that it will ban all coordinated harassment in which a group of people work together to bully another user.

The changes apply to all users of the platform.

Former Facebook data scientist Frances Haugen told Congress last week that the company is poorly fulfilling its responsibility for spreading malicious content and often chooses to capitalize on the interests of its users.

Days later, the company announced it was rolling out new child protection features, including one that encourages them to leave the platform.

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