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Inegöl Municipality produced their own “ginger”

Inegöl Municipality’s Baykoca project teams produced 2 ginger for the police teams to be used in city traffic. Ginger, made entirely with national resources, was delivered to the police with a ceremony today.

Inegöl Municipality continued to work in different areas with 8 different project teams in Bursa and produced their own ginger. The Baykoca project team made 2 pieces of ginger using only domestic and national resources to be used by police department teams in urban traffic.
Ginger was handed over to the police in a ceremony. For the first time, police teams went into traffic with their new vehicles. Mayor Alper Taban said: “These are the works of our young people in our Baykoca studio that we have set up. Of course, there is also the possibility of doing this modeling in business tomorrow. They are also being worked on, “he said. Taban said that working is an example of what young people can do when given the opportunity and opportunity:” Our friends worked day and night in the electrical automation workshop that we do in our Yenice have set up Dostum Center. We have a brother who is a student, we have a brother who works, they do these studies by making sacrifices. “
Pointing out that the name of the project team comes from the first martyr of the Ottoman Empire, Taban continued: “In this automation workshop, we also carry out repairs on our disabled vehicles. They have repaired and serviced over a hundred disabled, automated, and manual vehicles. He is happy. Because he has someone to talk to. He doesn’t wait for days, we give replacement devices, we buy the product, we maintain and repair it. “
Alper Taban said: “We were invited to the World Smart Cities Congress Fair together with the Turkish community association at the invitation from Spain. We will attend with our department heads and see what has been done. We will take further steps today and in the future that will make life in the field of digitization easier. “
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