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The number of players exceeded 3 billion – Breaking News

According to Statista data, around 1.48 billion people played video games in Asia in 2021. That number has made Asia the largest gambling market in the world. Europe came in second with almost 715 million players. Research shows that a total of 3.24 billion people play games worldwide.


PC games are one of the most popular video game formats despite increasing competition in both the console market and mobile gaming platforms. According to the 2021 gaming statistics study on WEPC, the PC gaming hardware industry is expected to reach $ 70 billion by 2023. It is reported that 48 percent of computer owners use the device to play video games.


Mesut ┼×enel, Founder of IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support, points out that the game industry has developed a revenue model that has steadily increased its profitability over the past few years, saying, “Government support is one of the main reasons behind the increase in Numbers of entrepreneurs and incomes in the game industry in our country Mobile application and computer game development We assist entrepreneurs in terms of support, software, salary and reporting expenses.We help entrepreneurs take their place in the ecosystem by taking the government in full Use scope support and minimize costs. ” the sentences used.

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