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‘Iron Bird’ comes for national planes

TAI’s “Iron Bird” infrastructure facility for national aircraft projects is being built. Thanks to the project, which will be a first in the aviation field in Turkey, it will test critical aircraft developed with local resources. The qualifications to be acquired in HURJET are also used for the National Combat Aircraft.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) is building a new infrastructure facility that will accelerate the projects it is executing.

According to the company, TAI has accelerated its work and investment for faster production of domestic and national products.

It aims to speed up the development, certification and production processes of domestic and national products with the built-in test facility for the flight control system called “Iron Bird”. The facility, which is scheduled to go into operation in February 2022, will be the first in Turkey in the aviation sector.


The “Iron Bird” system provides a strong infrastructure for integrated testing and verification of critical systems from HURJET and its various configurations. The skills to be acquired will also be used for the National Combat Aircraft, which is referred to as Turkey’s Survival Project. All flight critical devices to be used on the aircraft are tested with the test facility designed and built by TAI engineers.


The systems on which test activities are performed include the flight control system, the hydraulic system, the landing gear system, the electrical system (simulation and real), the simplified cockpit, and avionics systems. The facility, in which around 50 employees will work, is expected to be in operation for over 30 years.


Temel Kotil, General Manager of TUSAŞ, made a statement on the facility to be built. “We continue to break new ground for our country,” said Kotil. The structure is a first in Turkey and one of the few companies in the world.

Kotil said, “With counter-charging systems, it will be possible to observe the results of the flight control system by applying loads to all control surfaces of the aircraft that may arise from environmental conditions and that may be exposed during maneuvers. It was used as the primary data center for

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