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Pringles Changed Logo for the First Time in 20 Years (Here are the companies that changed their logo) – Breaking News

In the opening speech at the launch, Nacar stated that a new vision, strategy and technology mindset are a must for a brand new face and brand identity. Nacar stated that the logo change is part of HAVELSAN’s technological transformation and vision.

HAVELSAN CEO Mustafa Murat ┼×eker, who emphasized the importance of the logo, which is one of the most well-known symbols for a strong corporate image: “We work for the needs of the times with the inspiration and experience that we gain from our past, without losing our past forget without breaking our line, we program the future with great faith and efficiency. ” called.

On the other hand, ─░smail Demir said: “The change in the logo of HAVELSAN, which has been one of the most important players in the Turkish defense industry for almost a quarter of a century, is a sign that our industry goes on and will go on.” to work resolutely during this time when the epidemic is being fought. I wish him the best of luck. “The sentences used.

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