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17 media outlets in the US started publishing internal Facebook documents

A consortium of 17 media companies, including the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and CNN, have started publishing thousands of pages of documents confiscated from former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, released last month before the U.S. Congress testified and announced to the Senate Subcommittee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Washington Post Newspaper, FacebookFounder and CEO of Mark ZuckerbergHe claimed that the public statements and the documents were inconsistent.

As an example of this claim, the newspaper said that although Zuckerberg said in his statement to Congress last year that the company had removed 95 percent of the hate speech posts found, the documents estimated that less than 5 percent of such posts had been removed.

CNN, on the other hand, stated that Facebook had been aware of human trafficking on the platform since 2018, internal documents contain information that women sold on Facebook have been subjected to physical and sexual harassment and that the problem persists.

The Associated Press commented that Zuckerberg, who alone controls an organization that gathers the personal information of 3 billion people and provides them with free services, has lost control of the Facebook product.


Frances Haugen, known as the “Facebook Informer,” announced earlier this month on CBS’s “60 Minutes” program that she had shared internal company documents with the Wall Street Journal and federal agencies.

Haugen alleged that Facebook’s internal investigations had shown how it exacerbated hatred and misinformation, alleging that after Joe Biden was elected president last year, the company lifted measures to prevent misinformation and possible civil unrest contributed to the January 6th raid on Congress.

Haugen stated that after the dissolution of the relevant unit for “civil integrity”, with which he had worked since 2019, after the elections on the 3rd, he preferred winning to security. “He had spoken.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s CEO, argued that Haugen’s claims were “misleading,” arguing that the evidence available does not support the idea that Facebook or social media in general is the main cause of polarization.

The American Wall Street Journal shared a number of documents in its public news release published in mid-September examining the relationship between Facebook products and child and adolescent mental health.

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