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Australia wants to link social media accounts with parental leave

Australia plans to allow social media companies to get parental consent for users under the age of 16.

According to the bill, published on Monday, fines of up to 10 million Australian dollars or around 7.5 million dollars are possible for Internet platforms that do not comply with the law.

The Online Privacy Act emphasizes that social media companies, including anonymous forums like Reddit and smartphone dating apps like Bumble, must also take all reasonable steps to determine the age of users and children’s interests when collecting data prioritize.

If the bill becomes law, Oceania will be one of the strictest regions on social media. It is becoming more difficult for large tech companies to stay in Australia.


Facebook and Instagram, one of the most widespread social networks in the world, are currently being criticized for their regulatory behavior towards children.

On the other hand, TikTok, the popular application of late, has had to impose a time limit on young people in China. The Chinese government is trying to limit the excessive use of social media by children and minors.

It was reflected on the news that a similar move would come from Facebook. It is said that Facebook will warn the child who, like a parent, is spending too much time on the phone.

The results of a study specially commissioned by Facebook were leaked to the press. Facebook Inc. According to research commissioned by Instagram, Instagram has a very negative impact on young people in particular.

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