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Flying cars arrive in 2022: traffic destruction could end

Swedish companies Jetson Aero and Chinese HT Aero recently introduced two separate aircraft models. Electric vehicles are predicted to give urban life a new lease of life because they are both environmentally friendly and airborne. In addition, Jetson Aero announced that the vehicle, which went on sale for $ 92,000, will be delivered to buyers and ready for use next year. HT Aero, on the other hand, announced that its car, which can travel both on land and in the air, will be available from 2024.

A company called Jetson Aero in Sweden developed a personal flying car called the Jetson One and put it up for sale for $ 92,000.
The company’s co-founder, Peter Ternstrom, commented on the fully electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL): “Our mission is to make flight accessible to everyone. The Jetson One is an electric car that you can own and fly. Our goal is to make everyone a pilot, ”he said.
However, the single-seater flying car is made of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. It has been reported that the 86-kilogram vehicle can accelerate up to 101 kilometers per hour thanks to its 118-horsepower engine.
The company produced only 12 of its vehicles delivered through 2022 and sold 9 of them. The flying car name was inspired by the worldwide Jetson family “Jets” that emerged in the 1960s. In the series, which is about future city and family life, people travel by flying cars.
Jetson Aero stated that the vehicle can stay in the air for around 20 minutes and is classified as an ultralight aircraft in the US.
So no pilot license is required to operate the vehicle in the USA. Accordingly, it is flown using a throttle, joystick and pedal. It has an on-board computer that keeps it stable during the flight and monitors obstacles on the ground.
On the other hand, HT Aero, a subsidiary of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng, unveiled a flying car last Sunday that supposedly can drive on the road. The company has announced that it will launch its Xpilot 4.0 flying car in 2024.
HT Aero stated that its vehicle, like the Jetson, is lightweight. It also said that unlike the Jetson, it will have a folding rotor. This allows the car to be driven on roads and then fly when the rotors are widened.
However, the company said the vehicle will have a number of safety features, including a parachute.
On the other hand, HT Aero is supported by Xpeng and its founder He Xiaopeng. The company raised $ 500 million last week from a number of outside investors, including high-profile venture capital firms.
Flying cars, also known as electric vertical take-offs and landing vehicles, are attracting a great deal of attention from automakers and start-ups. However, the widespread use of these tools presents a number of challenges, including regulatory and security issues.
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