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Incest Will Prevent Relationship: Face Recognition Technology Has Arrived In Animal Farms In China

It became known that farms in China, a world leader in surveillance technology, are using face recognition technology to prevent incest. It has been announced that the application will be widespread on farms across the country by 2022. However, it has been reported that the system, assisted by artificial intelligence, detects the animals’ characteristics one by one and warns when relatives begin to mate. Experts said his new technology will improve animal health and productivity by eliminating incest-related birth defects.

In China, a farm called Vert City Farm, headquartered in Shanghai, has announced that it is testing facial recognition technology to stop incest between their herds.
In this regard, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been reported to monitor closely related goats with a color-coding based camera.
When two related goats mate, this technology sends a warning to the farmers. The system will improve the productivity and quality of livestock work by eliminating incest-related birth defects, officials said.
In addition to the new technology; He was reported to be able to identify early signs of disease such as mouth pain and diarrhea, as well as other characteristics, in each of the goats, including behavior, body shape and movement patterns.
However, it has been found that facial recognition technology is extremely economical and it only takes seven people to manage a farm of 10,000 animals.
Huang Zhen, head of Wanhe Technology Development Group, which developed the system, said, “The workers do not need to monitor the goats on site. The system can display information such as gender, age, weight, health status and vaccination. “And gestation of each goat.” The new website of the Shanghai Chongming District Government announced.
On the other hand, another farm in China is already using facial recognition technology to increase animal productivity during a pig shortage. The artificial intelligence system enables farmers to see all the information from the birth to the death of each pig.
However, in China, which has an emphasis on technology-based surveillance, cameras have become one of the most important tools for quarantine control during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cameras have been quarantined in front of people’s homes, in some cases even inside their homes.
According to the official Chinese publication CCTV, there were 20 million cameras installed in the country in 2017.
IHS Markit Technology, which operates in the country, announced that the total number of surveillance cameras in China was 349 million in 2018. According to the report by UK technology research firm Comparitech, eight of the top 10 most-viewed cities in the world are in China.
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