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The longest lunar eclipse in 581 years has begun

The November full moon, known in the US as the Beaver Moon, and the longest lunar eclipse in 581 years began.

The November full moon, known as the “Beaver Moon” in the United States, began at 1:02 am Eastern Time.
During the longest partial lunar eclipse in 581 years, 97 percent of the moon is in the Earth’s shadow and lasts 3 hours 28 minutes and 23 seconds.
The last lunar eclipse of 2021, which cannot be observed from Turkey, can be observed in some parts of North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.
No special equipment is required to observe the lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon enters the earth’s shadow in its orbit.
The November full moon is also called the “blood moon” because of its red appearance during the solar eclipse.
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