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The Japanese automobile giant Nissan has the moon in its sights: it presented its reconnaissance vehicle

The Japanese automobile giant Nissan has presented the prototype of the Moon vehicle developed in cooperation with the Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) to the public.

Using motor control technology developed by Nissan for use in electric vehicles, the vehicle has been reported to move smoothly on the moon’s undulating surface. The exploration vehicle, which is supposed to move without a driver and is expected to work with solar energy, is equipped with special wheels that adapt to the surface of the moon, it said.

Nissan’s statement said the company will continue the project development process with JAXA, although it is not yet clear when the vehicle will be ready for use.


Another Japanese-based automaker, Honda, is known to be working in partnership with JAXA on a reconnaissance vehicle to be sent to the moon in 2029. Honda is also working on a renewable energy system that will provide oxygen, hydrogen and electricity for use in space exploration projects.

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