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The most advanced humanoid robot "ameca" introduced

British engineers announced that they have built the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. The robot named Ameca, who succeeded Sophia, who became a Saudi citizen in 2017, draws attention to himself with his realistic facial expressions. Experts say that Ameca with artificial intelligence is a perfect example of human-robot interaction.

Engineered Arts, a technology company based in Cornwall, England, announced that it has produced the “world’s most advanced humanoid” robot. The company presented the robot called Ameca on YouTube.
Social media users were surprised at how realistic and human-like the robot with artificial intelligence is. One user wrote, “I know we should be scared of AI, but this is the first ginoid that I’m not scared of. Pretty cool.”
Others have compared Ameca to the NS-5 series in I, Robot, a 2004 science fiction film starring Will Smith that shows robots take over official positions in a dystopian world.
However, the published footage showed Ameca warming up the robot’s shoulder before opening her eyes and taking on a rather convincing look of surprise.
Ameca, on the other hand, follows Sophia’s development into a super-intelligent, human-like face, which first appeared in 2016 and has a realistic face that can blink, look and speak from side to side.
The humanoid robot, created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, can chat, smile mischievously and even tell jokes.
Sophia made history when she became a legal citizen of Saudi Arabia in October 2017.
However, Ameca cannot reproduce like Sophia. Engineered Arts said there was still a long way to go, but cited that the face was placed on a “human-like artificial body (AI x AB)” with a “powerful tritium robotic operating system”.
On the other hand, Engineered Arts is hoping Ameca will give people a glimpse into the future as it “represents the forefront of human robotic technology”. “Specially designed as a development platform for future robotics technologies, Ameca sets an excellent example of human-robot interaction,” says the company’s website.
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