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Instagram announced new features to protect its young users – Breaking News

December he will testify before the US Congress. InstagramPresident Adam Mosseri said in a statement posted on the company’s website that they are changing their teen protection practices.

Mosseri states that Instagram’s content is recommended and shown to young users and accountstressed that they would be monitored more closely.


Mosseri points out that young people who use the program for a certain period of time are encouraged to take a break thanks to the “Take a break” feature that they have introduced on the platform for young people, and explained that this feature is today will be activated in the USA, England, Australia and Canada and will start in other countries next year.

Mosseri also reported that users on Instagram are now prevented from tagging teen users who do not follow him.


Mosseri announced that the feature of deleting young users’ content, as well as the likes and comments received previously, will be available from January next March.

The American Wall Street Journal, in its news release published in mid-September, shared some documents examining the link between Facebook products and child and adolescent mental health, and the results of the report caused controversy.

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