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Well-preserved dinosaur embryo found: at least 66 million years old

Scientists announced the discovery of a dinosaur embryo that is at least 66 years old and is preparing to hatch like a chick.

The dinosaur fossil named “Baby Yingliang” was found in Ganzhou, China.

“One of the best-preserved dinosaur embryos ever found in history,” said Fion Waisum Ma, a researcher at the University of Birmingham.


Ma and her colleagues found Baby Yingliang with her feet bent and her back bent. It was suggested that this was an attitude not previously seen in dinosaurs and resembled modern birds.

Illustration representing Baby Yingliang

According to TRT Haber, the researchers reported that the dinosaur fossil could be between 66 and 72 million years old.

The dinosaur cub named Baby Yingliang is curled up, but its total length is estimated to be 11 inches including its tail. The fossil is in a 17 centimeter egg. If Yingliang had lived, he would have been 2-3 meters tall.

Researchers want to study the dinosaur boy further thanks to advanced imaging techniques.

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