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Santa Claus ends his virtual world tour – Last Minute World News

Held annually by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Santa Claus tracking system activated this year too. Santa Claus can be followed on the NORAD website as he goes on a virtual trip around the world and hands out gifts to children.

Anyone who wants to can find out about Santa’s whereabouts by calling the NORAD website or by email.


As the prestigious event marked NORAD’s 66th anniversary following Santa’s journey around the world, the event began by chance in 1955 when a local newspaper ad told the children they could call Santa Claus directly.

By entering the phone number incorrectly on the ad, the callers reached US Air Force Colonel Harry Shoup, who worked at the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center, NORAD’s predecessor.

Colonel Shoup, on the other hand, told the boy who called him that it was Santa Claus, even though he realized a mistake had been made. The said event was reported to have started after Colonel Shoup’s phone call and has been going on since NORAD was founded in 1958.

NORAD said in a statement: “Although the tradition of following Santa Claus started completely by accident, NORAD continues to follow Santa Claus. We are the only organization with the technology, skills and people to do this. We love it. NORAD is a picture of Santa Claus. He is proud to be his supporter. “

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