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The first step in regulating cryptocurrency – breaking news

Today there is a session in parliament that deals intensively with the crypto markets.

President Erdogan also spoke Regulation of the crypto marketWhat can be done about it is discussed.

Mustafa Elitaş, deputy chairman of the AK party group In his statement yesterday on the subject, he stated that legal regulation is needed to remedy the grievances related to crypto money and said: “Working in the virtual world brings money transactions. Shopping is possible through the official currency of the countries.” and in foreign currency We see people with small savings entering this market at a time when it is attracting a lot of attention.

We saw the need for legislation to stop malicious people. We saw that nearly 5 million people are interested in cryptocurrency exchanges. This is an extraordinary number. This job has no age. Anyone who is familiar with computers and the Internet can buy it for very little money. We thought that a legal regulation was needed to prevent future grievances here, ”he said.

“You will help to convert the draft into an offer”

Elitaş stated that there are laws on this crypto money in 4-5 countries around the world, saying, “If Turkey enacts this legislation, it will be one of the leading countries. I believe there should be regulation that doesn’t block this system, but doesn’t allow people to be bullied. We will listen to the cryptocurrency stakeholders in Parliament. , they will give us a first introduction.

You will also go a long way in turning the draft into a suggestion. I think it. I hope it will be a useful meeting. Any opinion on the matter is valuable to us, “he said.

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