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Mobilet manages ticket traffic in the Microsoft Cloud – Breaking News

It has nearly 1 million members. Scooter, which works with nearly 400 promoters, sells tickets online for a wide variety of events, especially concerts, films, theater and sporting events.

Mobilet, which uses the Microsoft product Azure Traffic Manager to manage the traffic that occurs when selling tickets in direct proportion to the volume of the event, thus offering its users an uninterrupted ticketing experience; It also offers a cost advantage during times when ticket sales are declining.

Bülent Seyhunlu, General Manager of Mobilet, who shared his views on digitization in the ticketing industry and stated that they turned to various digital resolution tools depending on the intensity of events, said, “We understand that cyber threats are changing every day gain weight. In this area, we offer end-to-end, multi-layered protection through the use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

For example, we minimize cyber threats by using the card storage application with international standards to store our members’ card information.

The customer experience is also very important to us. For the end consumer, we have applications such as social booking, which enable the ticket price to be shared among friends.

On the other hand, thanks to the promoter application we offer especially for them, our organizers can personally follow the sales table when they open an event; In addition, they can see the demographic structure and payment methods of the ticket buyers ”and indicate that they are providing their stakeholders with valuable data.

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