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Amazon rainforest is extinct

The loss in the Amazon forests, the lungs of the world, is increasing day by day. In the past year, more than 13,000 square kilometers were lost. This loss was recorded as the highest value in the last 15 years.

Deforestation in the Amazon has reached alarming proportions.
The world’s lungs have suffered their greatest loss in 15 years.
According to the report by the Brazilian space research agency, the loss in the Amazon, home to 3 million species of flora and fauna, increased by 22 percent compared to the previous year.
Deforestation in Brazil, which comprises 60 percent of the Amazon forest, has exceeded 13,000 square kilometers, with 18 million trees cut down in the last year alone. That number is larger than the area of ​​Qatar.
During the tenure of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who supports agricultural activities in the region, there was a 79 percent increase in deforestation activities.
More than 30 percent of the Amazon, the largest tropical forest in the world and shared by 9 South American countries, is at risk.
Although the defense of the indigenous people living in the Amazon forests creates resistance, the threats against them are increasing day by day.
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