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Belgian astronomers "will listen to the stars" looking for volunteers

Belgian scientists announced that they are looking for volunteers to “listen to the stars” to identify or classify stars.

On the website created for the “AstroSounds” project carried out by the astronomers at the University of Leuven in Belgium, it was found that astronomy is not just about visual observation, but that the stars vibrate like musical instruments and make sounds can generate.

Noting that a musical instrument can be distinguished by the timbres it produces, the announcement stated that the project is investigating whether the human ear can distinguish between the sounds made by the stars.

University of Leuven researcher Katrien Kolenberg said that some stars vibrate and ring like giant bells that the human ear cannot hear.

The astronomer Kolenberg emphasized that due to these vibrations and the ringing, the light of the stars changes and these changes can be converted into audible sounds. Kolenberg found that the timbres generated in this way can be used to recognize stars.

Kolenberg said how to listen to the stars and what they do: ‚ÄúStars like the sun are huge gas balls. They have different properties that make different sounds. We can also tell how strong the human ear is at analyzing data by hearing different types of stars in large numbers of people, “said.

The AstroSounds project is led by Kolenberg and the visually impaired researcher Wanda Diaz-Merced. The project is based on Diaz-Merced’s doctoral thesis on hearing-based analysis of star data.

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